The Influence of Brand Strategy on Company Financial Performance (Empirical Research on LQ 45 IDX Companies)

Anton Agus Setyawan


This research analyzes the effect of brand strategy to financial performance of company in the LQ 45 IDX. Brand strategy in this research contains of three options, they are corporate brand, house of brand and mixed brand. ROA and ROE are measurement of financial performance. This research uses 19 companies of LQ 45. Sampling methods of this research are the combination of random sampling and purposive sampling. This research uses ANCOVA regression models as a tool to test the hypotheses. This result shows that brand strategy does not have effects on financial performance. This result has theoritical implications to marketing models. First, marketing model needs several alternative models and choose the best model based on the goodness of fit of the model. Second, marketing model needs greater samples in order to capture the variation of the variables.

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